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Ilion Hall, the College of Arms


Official Seal of the ILION King of Arms

The College was founded by Royal Charter in 2017 by Our First King, His Majesty King James. 

The College of Arms, is a royal corporation consisting of officers of arms, with jurisdiction over Scone and its Commonwealth realms and headed by the Great Marshall of the Kingdom of Scone and Lord Ilion King of Arms and his heralds of which there is currently two others being the Breninton and Glenstuart Herald of Arms in Ordinary and the Thistle Herald of Arms in Ordinary. The heralds are appointed by the Sconnish Sovereign and are delegated authority to act on behalf of the Crown in all matters of heraldry, the granting of new coats of arms and the recording of pedigrees. The College is also the official body responsible for matters relating to the flying of flags on land, and it maintains the official registers of flags and other national symbols.

The College of Arms also undertakes and consults on the planning of many ceremonial occasions such as coronations, state funerals, the annual Knighthood Services and the State Opening of Parliament. Heralds of the College accompany the sovereign on many of these occasions.

This site is the official Registry of Arms for the Kingdom of Scone.

HRH the Duke of Mountbarry 

Lord Ilion King of Arms


Sovereign: H.M. Erik II

Lord Ilion Principal King of Arms: HRH the Duke of Mountbarry

Griffin Herald in Extraordinary: Sir Nicholas Hodgkinson


Hart: Sir Ronnie Miller, KGE 

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