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Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage all visitors and prospective Scones to ask any questions they may have about our charming little kingdom, or about what it means to be a Sconnishman. For your benefit, here are answers to some frequently asked questions...

Q: Do I have to be English or Scottish or Irish or Welsh to become a citizen?

A: Certainly not! All are welcome. While this kingdom is culturally Anglo-Celtic, citizenship is open to all, regardless of ethnicity, creed, or anything else.


Q: Where is the Kingdom of Scone?

A: The Kingdom of Scone is a kingdom of people, not of land. We make no pretense to sovereignty over any territory. You can't get to us by plane, train, or boat, therefore. Wherever a Sconnishman stands, that is where you'll find the Kingdom of Scone. Our citizens hail from all over the world. We communicate mostly via Facebook. 


Q: Where can I find a list of all the Bills and Resolutions adopted by the Sconnish Parliament?

A: All bills and resolutions that are passed by Parliament are available for public viewing on the Parliament page.


Q: What is your connection to the ancient Kingdom of Scone?

A: There is no connection whatever. The name "Scone" being associated as it is with ancient Scottish coronations and scones being the essential treats of English teas, the name seemed utterly appropriate for our community.


Q: Can I immigrate to the Kingdom of Scone?

A: No. The Kingdom of Scone claims no territory and exists entirely online. Therefore, we do not issue immigration documents.


Q: Are you some sort of a Renaissance faire or society for creative anachronism?

A: No. We are a contemporary community living heart and soul in the 21st century. While there may be some among us who would wish to turn back the clock to a bye gone era, we do not, by any means, attempt to recreate a "period." Scone is governed as a modern constitutional monarchy.


Q: What is this prospective citizen's "probationary period" all about?

A: Citizenship applicants are asked to wait a short while before committing to full Sconnish citizenship. We want to get to know you, first, and we're sure you want to take time to get to know us before you join us. The probationary period allows you to wade a bit before deciding whether or not to dive into the deep end of the Sconnish pool. Don't worry, we aren't going to interrogate you or anything. We just want you to have time to discover what we're all about so that you can make an informed decision about your potential citizenship.


Q: Citizenship...that sounds so legal. Is this going to get me in trouble with the authorities of the country I live in?

A: Not at all. We are not a secessionist group, we have no political agenda and, remember, we don't claim any territory. There is no more a legal concern in becoming a subject of the Sconnish Crown than there is in joining an Elks lodge, a softball league, or the Independent Order of Foresters. There isn't very much more to it than being enrolled, affirmed, and welcomed.


Q: Do I have to call the king "Your Majesty?"

A: That or "sir," yes. Etiquette and protocol are essential to maintaining the dignified atmosphere of a kingdom. All Scones are expected to address one another according to traditional styles, titles, and forms of address.  


Q: What if I get it wrong?

A: You will. Everybody does. Don't sweat it. If you make a social faux pas, we won't toss you in the dungeon or feed you to the lions or anything. For the benefit of everyone, however, there are guidelines to assist you as you begin to learn the language of society etiquette.


Q: How would one go about forming a majority party in the context of your Parliamentary system?

A: Why don't you join us, bring a lot of your friends with you, and we'll all find out?


Q: This community sounds more like "Downton Abbey" than "Braveheart."

A: Yes, well, if you expected to encounter a pack of mad Picts who want the heads of the English on a spike, I can understand your disappointment. Not really our thing, I'm afraid; just don't expect to find the Dowager Countess of Grantham lurking around here, either. 


Q: My religion forbids the taking of oaths. Will I be asked to take any?

A: Not at all. There are a few affirmations of loyalty or allegiance which are NOT oaths that citizens are asked to subscribe to. You will never be asked to do anything which conflicts with your faith or deeply-held beliefs.


Q: Can I sit in Parliament or become a member of the Royal Court?

A: All fully-initiated Sconnish subjects are eligible to do just about anything. Scones are joiners! We encourage everyone to get involved. There's hardly any point to joining a community like this only to then do nothing, is there? If there's any particular position or appointment you're interested in, talk to the Prime Minister. The Government is always open to creating new appointments and positions that are in keeping with our tradition and a Westminster-Style Kingdom.


Q: I want to join a Persian-themed tsarist empire with Norse gods!

A: Then you've really gotten off at the wrong exit, haven't you? Individuals wanting something completely different or foreign to who and what we are should not expect to sign up only to then set about to refashion in their own image everything we've created here. The Kingdom of Scone is what it is, and always will be.

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