FAITH AND RELIGION: Sconnish Spirituality

The Sconnish people form a diverse community holding diverse beliefs and values. A number of Scones find comfort in the freedom they have to express their faith freely and openly in the context of the community they form.
The Sconnish kingdom does not have a state religion or any officially sanctioned faith. The Sconnish Monarchy, however, is Christian by virtue of the faith and baptism of the Sovereign and the Royal Family


THE ROYAL CHARITY: Helping Our Brothers and Sisters in Need.

His Majesty the King is an enthusiastic supporter of LIGHT, an accredited not-for-profit organization founded by the friends of a modern day "Apostle of the Poor" named Rocky Braat. Mr. Braat is a young American who gave up everything to feed, house, treat, and care for impoverished children in India infected with HIV.


His touching story was told in the critically acclaimed documentary Blood Brother.  

His Majesty invites all Scones and readers of this blog to take a moment to read about Mr. Braat's amazing story, to watch the documentary, and to consider offering a donation, in any small amount, to this most worthwhile charitable foundation. Truly, every single penny helps to bring a smile to a child in dire need.