His Majesty's Government 


His Majesty's Government, formed and presided over by the Prime Minister, is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Kingdom of Scone.


The New Cabinet of the Kingdom of Scone as of November 1, 2020 





Lead By- 

The Rt Hon. the Earl of Ravensthorpe, GCGE, KC - Prime Minister, Lord High Steward

Foreign Office —— 

The Rt Hon. & Learned The Lord Dayton of Calder Valley, KC, CSP - Secretary of State for Foreign, Colonial and Developmental Affairs 


The Rt Hon. Simon Donoghue, The Earl of Belmont - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Colonial Territories and Sustainable Development

Ministry of Justice —— 

The Rt Hon. Ade Putu Dilarse, CSP, GCGE, The Marquess of Avebury - Secretary of State, the Lord Chancellor

The Rt Hon. Ritoban Paul, The Viscount Wilhelm - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice


The Rt Hon. Lucy McNeal, CGE, The Countess Sterlington- Advocate General for Hannover. 

Ministry of Home —— 

The Rt Hon. Sir Adam Ferguson, Bt, KC - Secretary of State 

The Rt Hon. Sir Paul Martin, Bt - Minister of State for Building Safe Communities.