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Sconnish Peerage



Ranking at the pinnacle of Sconnish society, the Peers and Peeresses of the Realm are men and women who have received the special favour of the Crown in the expectation that they will serve the Realm with most particular devotion, honour, and distinction.

According to Article IX of the Charter of Scone Act 2014, the Sovereign "shall be free to constitute a Peerage through the creation, by Letters Patent, of any ranks or titles of nobility that he shall think fit from time to time to create, and to elevate to the Peerage such subjects as he shall think fit to elevate."

On 30th June, 2014, the Sconnish Peerage came into being with the creation of the very first Peers of the Kingdom of Scone, the Marquess of Lindenlea, the former Earl of Rockcliffe, and the Viscount Bracebridge of Heathminster. 

Sconnish Peers and Peeresses are ranked according to the same degrees traditionally employed in the United Kingdom. The degrees of the Sconnish Peerage are, in descending order:


  • Duke/Duchess

  • Marquess/Marchioness

  • Earl/Countess

  • Viscount/Viscountess

  • Baron/Baroness


Traditionally, Peers and Peeresses are not dealt with in law as commoners are. In days of old, they were exempt from arrest, were accorded the right to be tried by their fellow Peers, and had free access to the Sovereign for the purpose of consultation with regard to matters concerning the state. While present day Sconnish law makes no provision for such preferred treatment of Sconnish Peers and Peeresses, they have their perquisites just the same. 

Scone's Peers and Peeresses may, should they so choose, separate from the Knights and Burgesses in Parliament to form a separate House of Peers from which to treat upon legislation. There are also rather complex rules of etiquette which Sconnish citizens are expected to learn and comply with when interacting with Peers. Most Peers and Peeresses, for example, are addressed as "Lord/Lady" in conversation. 

The Peers are set apart from other subjects to such an extent that the Sovereign calls them "cousins" when mentioning them in the body of royal instruments. Within such instruments, there is even an ascending scale of royal affection evident from one degree to the next:

Baron & Viscount: "right trusty and well-beloved"
Earl: "right trusty and right well-beloved"
Marquess: "right trusty and entirely beloved"
Duke: "right trusty and right entirely beloved"



The Most Noble Michael, Duke of Marly, CKE, GCSP, CGE, Bt; Earl of Tartannac
HRH The Most Noble David, Duke of Bergen, CHM, CSP, CGE, Marquess of
Lindenlea, Baron Oatney of Greenwood

HIH The Most Noble Prince Edward, Duke of Mountbarry, Earl of Shanderry, Baron Mountbarry.

The Rt Hon. & Most Noble Ade Putu, Duke of Marlborough, Marquess of Avebury, Earl of Raithcastle and Sarum, Baron Dilarse of Kingston, CHM, CSP, CKE, KBA, KGE, KC, Bt.



The Rt. Hon. & Gallant, Robert, Marquess of Rochdale, Earl of Ravensthorpe, Viscount Chatsworth of Bakewell, GCGE, KC


The Rt. Hon. & Learned, Spencer, Earl of Alexandria, Viscount Berkely of Tara, Baron of Calder Valley, KC, CSP, Bn

The Right Honourable Char-Lez, Earl Bracebridge of Heathminster, CHM, Bn 
The Right Honourable Lucy Rose, Countess of Stirlington, Baroness Crediton Regis of Breninton, Btss
The Right Honourable, Simon, Earl of Belmont, CGE, Viscount Kingston of Essex




The Right Honourable, Emmaunuel, the Viscount Halifax of Wilhelmshaven, The Baron Carleton of Quincent, KC, Bt
The Right Honourable, James, the Viscount York of Hamilton, CSP, KC 
HRH The Right Honourable, Ryen, the Viscount Thurmont of Maryland, KC, Bt

The Right Honourable the Viscount Wilhelm of Wintrmyre, The Lord Paul of Chandernagor, MGE

The Right Honourable Viscountess Willoughby of Bellevue, The Lady Korp of the River of Erewash, KC, CGE






The Right Honourable The Lord Martin of Rotherham, Bt

The Right Honourable & Learned The Lord Ferguson of Penzance, KC, Bt, Bn

The Right Honourable The Lord Lexington of Greatforest

The Reverend The Lord Hodgkinson of Castlemaine, CSP

The Right Trusty and Well Beloved The Lord Harris of Anglesey, MGE, Bt, B.

The Right Trusty and Well Beloved The Lord Robinson of Utrecht, MGE, Bt

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