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Prime Minister's Office


The Most Honourable and Gallant, Major-General Sir Robert James, the Marquess of Rochdale, Earl of Ravensthorpe, Viscount Chatsworth of Bakewell, Baron of Worcester and Sherwood Forest, Bt, CHM, GCGE, KC, PC, AdCP.

was elected Prime Minister on November 16, 2023, following the Motion of No Confidence in the Former Government. 

He previously has served as Prime Minister. 



The Prime Minister and the Government are responsible to Parliament. At any time, members of Parliament may request that the Prime Minister or any other Cabinet minister respond to questions concerning the Government's policies or activities. The details of anything not deemed by law to be an official secret of the State must be divulged at the request of any member of Parliament who has received permission from the Woolsack (Chair) to make inquiries. The Prime Minister or other ministers may also be asked to explain or defend their policies, actions, or statements to Parliament's satisfaction. The Prime Minister is elected yearly by Parliament in Mid-October for a one-year term.


It is the Prime Minister's privilege and responsibility to advise the Sovereign on the formation of His Majesty's Government. From among Sconnish subjects qualified to sit in Parliament, the Prime Minister presents to the Sovereign the names of those persons he feels are best suited to constitute the Government. The Sovereign, in turn, appoints them on the Prime Minister's advice.

Members of His Majesty's Government who sit in Cabinet hold the various portfolios of His Majesty's Secretary of State. Each portfolio of responsibility is focused on an area of administration which has been established based upon needs identified by the sitting Prime Minister. Other ministers who are not strictly speaking considered Cabinet ministers (such as Ministers without Portfolio) may also comprise His Majesty's Government. Such ministers may, nevertheless, sit in on meetings of the Cabinet at the Prime Minister's discretion. 

Prime Minister's Staff:

Special Advisor & Chief of Staff 

The Rt. Hon. & Learned, Rear Admiral, Sir Spencer, Earl of Alexandria, Viscount Berkely of Tara, Baron of Calder Valley, KC, PC, CSP, Bn

Communications Director & Private Secretary

Elizabeth Lubomirska, 1st Baronetess of the River Dnieper

Chief Whip 

The Rt. Hon. Paul, The Lord Martin of Rotherham, Bt


The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Rockcliffe (2014-2015)
His Majesty King Erik II [Then The Duke of Walsingham] (2015-2020)

The Right Honourable, Robert, the Earl of Ravensthorpe, the Viscount Chatsworth of Bakewell, GCGE, KC (2020-2021)

The Rt. Hon. & Learned the Viscount Berkely of Tara, The Lord Dayton, Baron of Calder Valley, KC, CSP, Bn (2021-2023) 

The Rt. Hon. Thomas, The Lord Harris of Anglesey, MGE, Bt, B. (October 31, 2023- November 12, 2023)  

The Rt. Hon. & Gallant, Robert, Marquess of Rochdale, Earl of Ravensthorpe, Viscount Chatsworth of Bakewell, GCGE, KC

(November 16, 2023-Present) 

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