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[PASSED 14-0]

WHEREAS, Ukraine is a Sovereign Nation and has a right to national self determination, including in it's ability to determine it's own international alliances with out deferring to any other authority or government.

WHEREAS, Ukraine has a right to it's own territorial integrity secure within it's own borders without encroachment from any other state.

WHEREAS, it is an international crime to encroach on any nations territorial integrity and to interfere with that countries Sovereign rights and freedoms.

WHEREAS, it is for the Ukrainian people to determine their own form of government, and to elect their own Parliament and Leaders.

WHEREAS, there is no international justification to launch a war on the nation and people of the Ukraine and it's democratically elected government.

NOW BE IT RESOLVED THAT, this Parliament deplores and condemns the bloodshed and suffering that the Russian Federation has unleashed on the nation of Ukraine. This Parliament also holds the Government of the Russian Federation totally and solely responsible for all loss of life and collateral damage in this conflict.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the followings:

1) This Parliament calls on the Russian Federation to immediately halt it's advance on Ukraine.

2) This Parliament calls for an immediate ceasefire, and for Russian Military Forces to withdraw back from Ukrainian Sovereign Territory.

3) This Parliament calls on Russia, NATO, The United Nations and the whole International Community to return to talks around the table on the structure and future shape of European Security and to address the grievances or perceived grievances of the Russian Federation.

4) This Parliament calls for the demilitarisation of the Luhansk and Donetsk Regions and the full implementation of the Minsk Agreement. And for the Russian Federation to renounce it's recognition of these regions as independent republics, and to renounce it's 2014 annexation of the territory of Crimea

5) This Parliament calls on the Russian Federation to work with the Government of Ukraine and to jointly seek the economic prosperity and future success of the Luhansk and Donetsk Regions where many ethnic Russian People live.

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