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A RESOLUTION Condemning the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels and Lahore, and Further Expressing Solidar

[Approved March 31st, 2016 by unanimous consent]

WHEREAS, on March 22nd 2016, three suicide bombers killed innocent civilians in Brussels, Belgium resulting in the deaths of approximately 38 people and injuring hundreds more.

WHEREAS, on March 27th 2016, a suicide bomber killed innocent civilians in Lahore, Pakistan resulting in the deaths of 72 people and injuring hundreds more. WHEREAS, these terrorist attacks were part of a coordinated effort by two terrorist organizations, designed to strike fear and division into the hearts of the world WHEREAS, the people of Belgium, Pakistan, and the world have stood together in solidarity against these attacks WHEREAS, the people of the world have responded to these events with renewed resolve to stand together in unity instead of fear, in contravention to the goals of terrorist groups around the world. Now therefore, be it RESOLVED that this Parliament: 1. Utterly and categorically condemns all acts of terror by ISIS or any other organization around the world 2. Expresses its sincerest condolences to the people of Brussels and Lahore, and to the families of those who were killed or injured for this tragedy 3. Expresses its utmost solidarity with the Kingdom of Belgium, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and their citizens during this period of mourning 4. Expresses its belief that, in the wake of this tragedy, the world should remain united against these terrorist groups and not give in to fear or hatred.

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