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A RESOLUTION to amend the Standing Orders of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scone

[ Passed on Unanimous consent 9-1, 26th August 2019]

WHEREAS, This Parliament on November 16th, 2015 passed a resolution creating Standing Orders for the dispatch of business.

WHEREAS, Section X, Rule 1 of the Standing Orders allow for amendments to be made by passage of a resolution of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scone.

WHEREAS, it has become necessary for several amendments to be made to the Standing Orders to help secure the orderly dispatch of business.

WHEREAS, a series of amendments to the Standing Orders have been proposed to by adopted by Parliament and affixed in the schedule hereto.

Now therefore, be it RESOLVED, that this Parliament amends the Standing Orders of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scone as laid out in the schedule hereto for this and all subsequent Parliaments with immediate effect.



A clerical amendment is made to Section IV, Rule 8.B to correct the spelling error “publically” [sic] so that the section reads: “8B: Members who wish to speak on a bill but who cannot immediately do so may post a notice in the debate thread that they wish to speak on the issue and desire an extension of debate to allow them to post. A member may also inquire privately to the Woolsack for the extension, which the Woolsack will announce publicly if granted. The decision on whether or not to grant such an extension is at the Woolsack’s discretion.”

Section VII, Rule 9 is amended to read as follows: “9. Motion of No Confidence in His Majesty’s Government: A motion of No Confidence shall be considered a privileged resolution which shall take precedence over any other matter before Parliament. Such a motion may not be tabled, and is governed under a special set of rules. A majority is required in favor in order for the motion to pass. Such a motion may only be made against His Majesty’s Government as a whole. It shall not be in order to move a Motion of No Confidence against a specific member of His Majesty’s Government.”

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