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A RESOLUTION to Create Standing Orders for the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scone:

[Approved November 16th, 2015 by Unanimous Consent]

WHEREAS, The Parliament of the Kingdom of Scone at present does not have any Standing Orders or Standing Procedures concerning the regular order of Parliament:

WHEREAS, Standing Orders create a standardized procedure for the dispatch of business before Parliament and are useful for the consideration of business: WHEREAS, a series of Standing Orders have been proposed to be adopted by Parliament and affixed in the schedule hereto: Now therefore, be it RESOLVED, that this Parliament creates the Standing Orders affixed in the schedule hereto for this and all subsequent Parliaments which shall come into effect immediately after its passage by this Parliament and that the Woolsack shall be empowered to enforce these Standing Orders: SCHEDULE: 1. THE STANDING ORDERS OF THE PARLIAMENT OF SCONE

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