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A RESOLUTION TO HONOUR CAPTAIN SIR TOM MOORE [Passed on Unanimous Consent, 3rd February 2021]

WHEREAS, on February 2, 2021 Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away from the COVID-19 virus at the age of 100,

WHEREAS, as a world war two veteran who raised almost £39m for the [NHS]( charities during the first coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020;

WHEREAS, Captain Sir Tom Moore broke two Guinness World Records – becoming the oldest person to get a No 1 single in the UK charts and raising the most money for doing a solo charity walk;

Now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that this Parliament:

1. Expresses its sincere gratitude to Captain Sir Tom More and his family for all their service during the coronavirus pandemic;

2. Expresses its admiration to the awesome impact of his life's dedication to freedom and democracy everywhere for everyone;

3. Expresses its greatest sympathies to the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore and the world for this tragic and profound loss.

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