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Diplomatic Intercourse Act Repeal and Replacement ACT 2021

Because of the Nature of this act- RED type means deleted text and BLUE type means added text - from the Act it replaces.

[Passed Unanimously, Royal Assent: September 26, 2021 ]

AN ACT to Regulate the Diplomatic Intercourse of the Sconnish Crown with the Crowns of Other Realms, to modify the provisions of previously enacted legislation concerning diplomatic activities, and for other purposes.

BE IT ENACTED by the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords and Burgesses in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1. SHORT TITLE This act may be cited for all purposes as “Diplomatic Intercourse Act Repeal and Replacement ACT 2021”


The Diplomatic Intercourse Act of 2018 is repealed in part.


A. The Kingdom of Scone re-affirms that it is a non-territorial Kingdom and does not now nor shall ever claim Sovereignty over any physical territory whatsoever.

B. As a non-territorial Kingdom, the Kingdom of Scone is inherently incapable of issuing passports, visas, or any other documents.

C. Nothing in Section 3.B above shall prevent the Kingdom of Scone from issuing collectible passports, provided such documents make clear that they are for collectible non-official purposes only. 

4. THE KINGDOM OF SCONE NOT TO ORDINARILY PARTICIPATE IN RECOGNIZING OTHER NATIONS The Kingdom of Scone shall not ordinarily recognize other nations in a formal or diplomatic sense unless the Sovereign, on the advice of the Prime Minister, determines that a formal diplomatic recognition of a particular nation is in the best interests of the Kingdom of Scone.

5. KINGDOM OF SCONE TO AVOID INTERNATIONAL CONFLICTS A. The Kingdom of Scone as an entirely non-territorial Kingdom has no ability to and shall not participate in any “war” whatsoever.

B. The Kingdom of Scone shall not participate in or adjudicate any international conflicts or disputes.

C. Nothing in this section shall be construed as to prevent the Sconnish Parliament from adopting resolutions expressing the sense of Parliament on conflicts, wars, or succession disputes in other polities.


The Sconnish Crown is capable of recognizing foreign crowns, monarchs, heads of state, and royal houses, as such, and is therefore at liberty to enjoy formal, even diplomatic intercourse with them, and to formally or informally acknowledge them as such by any and all reasonable means including but not limited to the dispatch or reception of ministers or other envoys; the awarding or acceptance of honours and decorations; and the hosting of or participation at state receptions.

7. THE ROLE OF HIS MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT A. It shall be the prerogative of His Majesty the King, on the advice of His Majesty’s Government, to determine the appropriateness and feasibility of establishing a formal relationship with a foreign Head of State and to what extent such a relationship shall be established and/or maintained.

B. The Sconnish Government shall be free to engage in diplomatic relationships with the Governments of other Nations, excepting any agreement of a formal nature in which case the assent of His Majesty in Council shall be required.

8. DESIGNATION OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES A. Only designated representatives of the Kingdom of Scone may engage in any sort of diplomatic activity, formal or informal, with other Sovereigns, Governments, or Nations.

B. The Sovereign, The Prime Minister, and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs are designated as authorized representatives of the Kingdom of Scone.

C. The Sovereign, upon the advice of the Prime Minister, may appoint ambassadors, consuls, and envoys to represent the Kingdom of Scone in a diplomatic capacity. Such an individual shall be designated as an authorized representative, but only to the extent of the jurisdiction they are appointed to.

D. Authorized representatives of the Kingdom of Scone may not enter into any formal diplomatic agreements without the consent of the Prime Minister and His Majesty in Council.

9. SCONNISH GOVERNMENT TO HANDLE DIPLOMATIC MATTERS FOR COLONIES, DEPENDENCIES, AND DOMINIONS The Sconnish Government alone has the power to engage in diplomatic outreach on behalf of the Kingdom of Scone or the Empire of the Glennains. No Colony, Dependency, Dominion, to include Glennish Hanover, shall engage in any diplomatic outreach formally or informally whatsoever.

10. COMMENCEMENT This legislation and all the provisions therein shall come into force upon receiving the Royal Assent.

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