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The Private Estate Authorization Act 2017

[Passed 9-1. Royal Assent: October 4th, 2017]

An Act, to provide for the establishment of “Private Estate” discussion groups on behalf of certain citizens within the Kingdom of Scone, and the mechanisms by which such groups are patented and recognized by the State.

BE IT ENACTED, therefore, by The King’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords and Burgesses in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:


This Act may be cited for all purposes as “The Private Estate Authorization Act 2017”


Certain classes of citizens within the Sconnish realm, and other certain groups, shall be entitled, by and with the approval of an appropriate competent authority provided hereunder, to the creation individually or severally of their own discussion group within the Sconnish Kingdom, henceforth to be termed in general reference as “Private Estates”, for the purposes of providing spaces for such grantees to share more individualized, informative, educational, and entertainment subjects with others, or to reserve items of interest for their own edification, apart from the various existing themed or limited-membership groups amongst the Sconnish.


A) In every such case, “private estate” discussion groups shall be erected and expressly maintained pursuant to applicable Sconnish law, including terms of standards of speech, the prohibitions against abusive behaviour, and a durable respect for the rights of any Sconnish citizen or institution under the rules, regulations, and policies of the Kingdom of Scone.

B) Violations of either the terms of the grant, or the standards of speech and content by any holder shall be subject, upon referral, to review in the law courts of the Realm. Administrators shall be responsible for the content in their private estate groups.

C) Grant-holders shall not add persons into their respective groups without that person’s consent. It shall be a Class A Misdemeanor for any grant-holder to re-add a person who has left their group without that person’s express consent to be re-added, or to add a person who has stated that they have no interest in participating in their group.


In consultation with His Majesty’s Government of the day, grants of individual estate groups shall be at the discretion of the Home Office, to which applications may be made, and from which approvals shall issue. Rules and procedures for the characterization and aspects of such grants shall be established by the Home Office, in consultation with other elements of the Government. Appeals from the Home Secretary’s actions under this Section may be remitted to the law courts of the Realm, where the appellant will present the nature of their objection, and the Secretary, or his or her designee, will explain the position taken on the matter by the Home Office.

A) Membership in such groups shall generally be by invitation only, but alternative arrangements may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Grant-holders shall be the administrators of their respective groups.

B) The characterization and names of any such private estate group shall be subject to the approval of the Home Secretary, in concert with the Anglophone traditions and culture of the Kingdom of Scone, and generally such identification will have some reference consistent with the grant-holder’s place and title.

C) The Office of the Home Secretary shall publish the approvals of private estate groups.


To be eligible for the grant of a private estate, applicants must hold a noble rank of a full baron or above.

A) The characterization of a private estate shall be of several ranks, in accordance with the rank of the grant-holder. Each noble rank shall be entitled to a named place, typically ranked according to the schedule appended below.

B) The application for any such discussion group shall be in all respects strictly voluntary.


The various Offices of the Government, or of particular officers of the Realm, or constituent public associations of members, shall be entitled in all cases to erecting their own groups pursuant to the official business of that office, irrespective of this Act, but with the concurrence of the Government of the day. Assistance in this respect may be provided by the Home Office or other Ministers upon request, to include advice on the proper naming and characterization of such groups, consistent with Sconnish culture.


The granting by a Minister of the right to a private estate discussion group to any person, officer, or group within the Kingdom of Scone pursuant to the provisions of this Act, shall be subject to the considered veto of The King in Council. Parliament may consider under what circumstances, if any, and by what means, such vetoes may be appealed.


This Bill, and all the provisions therein, shall become effective upon the Granting of the Royal Assent. ______________________________

Schedule 1:

Private Estate Discussion Groups shall be generally ranked according to the following suggested designations:

Barontcy: “House”, “Manor”, or “Place” Viscountcy: Same as above, or “Park” Earldom: “Park”, “Castle”, “Keep”, or “Hall” Marquessate: “Hall”, “Tower”, or “Castle” Dukedom: Any of the above, or the distinction of a place name alone, or more rarely, “Court” Bishoprics and other ecclesiastic ranks: “Palace”, “Abbey”, “Hall”, “Monastery”, etc.

The above ranks are not to be considered absolute. Unique situations, cultural or historical references, or requested departures from the customary place ranks arranged above shall be considered on a case by case basis.

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