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The Rights and Privileges Act 2016

[Passed 7-0, Royal Assent: 2 June 2016]

An Act to protect the basic rights and privileges of the citizens of the Kingdom of Scone, and for other purposes.

BE IT ENACTED by the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords and Burgesses in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: 1. SHORT TITLE This act may be cited for all purposes as “Rights and Privileges Act 2016.” 2. GENERAL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES FOR ALL CITIZENS A. All citizens shall be entitled to respectfully express their views, ideas, and opinions within the Kingdom of Scone. B. All citizens shall be entitled to petition the Government for the redress of grievances and to peaceably assemble. C. No one shall make any law or action which shall infringe upon the freedom of the press. D. All citizens shall be able to fully participate and view the groups of the Kingdom, excepting those which are confidential by their nature, unless their access to these groups has been restricted through due process of law. E. Members of Parliament shall be immune from prosecution for any remarks made on the floor of Parliament, excepting cases of treason. Parliament may still discipline its members in accordance with law for inappropriate comments. 3. RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES DURING COURT PROCEEDINGS A. All individuals shall be entitled to a fair hearing before a court of law for all civil and criminal matters and shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty. B. All individuals shall be entitled to elect to be assisted by a representative during a court proceeding. C. All parties in criminal or civil proceedings shall have a right to present evidence, compel the testimony of witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, and present their arguments for the consideration of the court. D. No individual may be found guilty of an offense if they allegedly committed the offense before it had come into law. E. No individual shall be made to stand trial twice for the same offense or action, excepting cases of a mistrial. This shall not constrain appellate courts to review and rehear a case in a timely manner. F. No individual in a criminal trial shall be compelled to offer testimony or produce any evidence which might incriminate themselves. 4. COMMENCEMENT This legislation and all the provisions therein shall come into force upon receiving the Royal Assent.

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