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A RESOLUTION expressing the Gratitude of Parliament to Lord Rockcliffe for his Service as Prime Mini

[Approved November 13th, 2015 by Unanimous Consent]

WHEREAS, Lord Rockcliffe has faithfully served as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Scone for over a year and a half:

WHEREAS, Lord Rockcliffe has announced his intention to step down as Prime Minister, but will continue to serve the Kingdom in other functions: WHEREAS, Lord Rockcliffe and his ministry, throughout the history of Scone, have authored several pieces of legislation that have strengthened this Kingdom, and: WHEREAS, Lord Rockcliffe and his ministry have been instrumental in developing and strengthening the character and laws of this Kingdom: Now therefore, be it RESOLVED, that this Parliament expresses its gratitude to Lord Rockcliffe for his service to the Kingdom as Prime Minister, and expresses its sincerest desire for his continued participation in the development of this Kingdom as a Peer of the Realm.

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