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The Sconnish Royal Society

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Recognizing the need to promote science, literature, and art within the Kingdom; Parliament created the Society by way of the Royal Society Creation Act (2020).


The society is a learned society and the Kingdom of Scone's national academy of sciences. The society is governed by its Council, which is chaired by the Society's President, according to a set of statutes and standing orders. The members of Council and the President are elected from and by its Fellows, the basic members of the society, who are themselves elected by existing Fellows. Four fellows maximum are elected each year maximum. The society has a variety of functions and activities. Stay tuned for Journal Publications and more! 

View the latest Journal Here! 

Current Officers of the Sconnish Royal Society: 

President- The Rt. Hon. & Learned the Viscount Berkely of Tara, The Lord Dayton, Baron of Calder Valley, KC, CSP, Bn 

Vice President- The Rt. Hon. The Lady Korp of the River of Erewash, KC

Secretary- The Most Noble Michael, Duke of Marly, CKE, GCSP, CGE, Bt; Earl of Tartannac

Membership Officer- The Rt. Hon. Lucy Rose, Countess of Stirlington, Baroness Crediton Regis of Breninton, Btss 

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