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Registered Arms, Seals and Flags

Heading 1

Shield: Azure, in chief the Royal Crown impaled upon the Sword and Mace of State, the Scales of Justice Or and in base the Sconnish Poppy Gules all proper. 

Crest: A Portcullis Crowned Or.

Date registered: 18 January 2018

Shield: Azure, a rock argent with an argent orly and the Spur badge for difference as a Baronet.

Crest: A Falcon Close.

Date registered: 18 January 2018

Shield: Azure, a Chevron Argent enflamed, above a Heart Or pierced thrice and bleeding. In Chief Argent, a Broken Spear.


Crest: A Stags Head Erased Gules attired Or, holding in its mouth a Chalice Or.

Date registered: 22 May 2017

Shield: Azure, a Castle Argent proper, Dexter Sable an open hand gules. In Chief the Mace of State on a Field Argent,

Reason: The Mace to signify His Lordship’s role within government. The castle as per the crest. The red hand is signification he is also a baronet.

Coronet: Of an Earl. The crest is placed above the coronet.

Crest: A Tower Rampant Argent.

Reason: The Earldom of Raithcastle and Sarum. In Gaelic a Rath is a Fort. The crest is a play on the name of the Earldom.

Supporters: Yet to be drawn. Two officers of the army in reference to His Lordship’s rank of Major General.

The Achievements of Lord Raithcastle and Sarum:

Major General The Right Honourable Ade Putu, Earl of Raithcastle and Sarum, Baron Dilarse of Kingston, 1st Dilarse Baronet of the Rockliffe’s Resolve, Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Sconnish Poppy.

Date registered: 22 May 2017


Arms: Gules a Chevron Argent, Jerusalem Cross Or in Chief, a Sheaf of Oats Or in Middle Base.

Crest: A Sheaf of Oats Or held by a Coronet Vert of a Marquess.

The achievements of Lord Lindenlea:

Marquess of Lindenlea, 1st Baron Greenwood, Member of His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, Member of the Provincial Council of Glennish Hanover.

Companion of His Majesty (CHM). His Lordship has also served as Prime Minister the last time Scone and Hanover were united and the distinction of being the Kingdom of Scone’s first Chancellor.

Knight of Hanover, awarded by Hanover’s previous Sovereign, King Erik.

Date registered: 22 May 2017


Arms: Azure a Sun in his Splendour Argent, placed over three Thunderbolts Argent.

Crest: A Bandaged Moor’s head facing Dexter impaled by an Arrow Or all over a Baron’s Coronet.

Achievements of Lord Carleton:

Minister of State for Hospitality, King’s counsel and Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Marshal of the Court of St Ive’s, Lord Provost of the city of Tartannac. Editor of Tartannac Times. at The Kingdom of Scone.

Date registered: 22 May 2017

The royal coat of arms of the Kingdom of Scone, or the Royal Arms for short, is the official coat of arms of the Sconnish monarch, currently King Erik II. These arms are used by the King in his official capacity as monarch of the Scone.


Or a harp within a tressure flory-counter-flory Gules; for a Crest, upon the Royal helm the Imperial Crown Proper, thereon a Lion statant guardant Or imperially crowned Proper with flag staff; Mantling Or and Ermine; for Supporters, harts rampant gardant gorged with a Coronet Or affixed thereto passing between the forelegs and reflexed over the back also Or. Motto “Je Veux Le Droit” in the compartment below the shield, with the Sconnish Poppies.


The below are two different examples of the Royal Arms, to the left is the Full Achievement of Arms and to the right is the simplified version.


Date registered: 21 April 2020

Date registered: 23 April 2017

Sir Nicholas Hodgkinson


Earl of Ravensthorpe

Heading 1


The Viscount Tara of Berkely, The Lord Dayton, Baron of Calder Valley, KC, CSP, Bn 


Sir Ronnie Miller


HRH Princess Vivienne, the Duchess of St Ives


HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Mountbarry


Prince Ryen, the Prince Consort, Viscount Thurmont of Maryland


Sir Paul Martin


Marquess of Avebury


Baron Mountbarry


Lord Provost of the City of Tartannac


Earl of Belmont


Duke of Marly

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