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The Royal Sconnish Treasury Department

His Majesty's Treasury occasionally referred to as the Sconnish Treasury, or more informally the Bank of Scone, is a department of His Majesty's Government responsible for developing and executing the government's public finance policy, economic policy and to collect and record donations and expenditures of the Kingdom.


Created by THE ROYAL TREASURY ACT 2021, and amended under An Act to Amend the Royal Sconnish Treasury Act and the Sconnish Treasury, Title of Officer's Act 2022; the First Lord of the Treasury is statutorily the Head of the Treasury and jointly held by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Scone.

Sconnish Treasury


The day-to-day operations of the office are headed by the

Governor of the Sconnish Treasury,

Sir Joost Jacobs, First Baronet Greatforest

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